Quick Update

We've been very very very very busy. Too busy. We made the decision to try and crank out a cool thing in the next few months before we start a cool BIG thing, and it's grown into a monster. A good monster though.  

It's been very exciting and we can't wait to show you what we're doing, and who with. 

In the meantime, other news:

  • The House Abandon Live went really well, and we get a moment we'll upload some pics and video we took of the event. We'll definitely be doing something like it again, as people seemed to love it :) 
  • Super Arc Light PC Edition is still coming, and passed Greenlight (yay! Thanks!), but it has been delayed by our other things. Once we get thing 1 out of the way, we'll get the last bits of work done on SALPC before moving on to thing 2.  
  • I was named as a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit in November, which is humbling and awesome. Will post about that experience over the holidays once I've digested the last few insane weeks!


More soon...


J x

Jon McKellanComment