1,000,000 !?

Super Arc Light has been out for a little over 4 months, and we've just passed the 1,000,000 download mark. To think a million people have played our little game is quite hard to get the mind around; a million of anything is quite hard to get in context, let alone people!

We were really happy with our 100,000 sales last week, as it was way beyond our expectations for a small but paid app on iOS and Google. Then we worked with Apple to do a Free promotion and the we got the same downloads again in one day, and our little brains popped. I know lots of games do these numbers, and then some, but it makes this achievement no less special to us. We're not King, Rovio, Niantic, UsTwo - we're just a few (now 3 - big welcome to Geoff!) guys in a little office in Glasgow, and we've reached so many people with our game and it's delightful. 

So we just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that's helped us out on the journey to get the game release. Each download is a smile on our faces, and every comment (even the negative ones) help us in some way make the game, and our other games in the pipeline, better. Big thanks to our mega-supportive families and partners, who take a huge amount of the weight allowing us to make these things. Love you lots! 

A few very specific thanks: 

  • Colin MacDonald, Ami Langton, Tone Brennan and all @ All 4 Games for their incredible support and helping get the game in front of people - many thanks, let's do it again sometime!
  • Craig and Andy @ We Throw Switches - thanks for having faith in the game and putting it in front of lots of people, giving us the confidence to actually do something with it. We owe a lot to you guys. To us it was a prototype we were unsure of, and you guys hosting it made it seem like a real game :)
  • Rob @ Google - thank you for your many introductions and advice; you win 'most helpful man in dev award' and if we can return the favour somehow, let us know!
  • and of course Dave Jones for his advice and support since day 1. You legend. 

There's still a few days left of the promo to grab your free copy, so head to the iOS App Store and grab it - it'll be one of the big banners or a smaller banner underneath, should be easy to find ;)

And finally, in case you missed it, THANK YOU for getting us through Steam Greenlight! We're getting the game ready for it's PC / Mac release and hope to have it ready later in August. We will keep you updated so you can enjoy some big screen SAL Action.


Jon McKellanComment