Observation Launch

Well this is a belated post!

I’ve probably made this promise before but we will definitely be using this area a lot more often to keep people up to date on what we’re doing, especially on these times between projects where there isn’t quite as much news going around other channels.

Observation launched in May this year, and thankfully, to widespread critical acclaim! We’re genuinely blown away by the reviews and amazing comments people have sent our way, and we’re so glad you’ve enjoyed our slice of madness.

To celebrate, 4 months late, we finally held a launch party, complete with our very own hex presence…

We teamed up with We Throw Switches once again, who also helped on our press events on the run up to Observations release, and it was a mix of music, people, and games in a social space (Line Wobbler, Closer, Flux, Heave Ho, 8 Player Tetris and much more!)

Gallery below taken by Lisa Devine, and more posts incoming re: some public award voting we need you to do!


Jon McKellanComment