3D Environment & 3D Character Artists (6-month Contracts)


We are looking for Mid-Level to Senior Environment & Prop Artists for our latest project, and fast. The right candidates will be leading the production of game environment assets and props, from modelling, texturing and then set dressing in-engine to build dense, story-led environments with a level of intricacy and detail to a very high standard.  On the character side - we're looking for realistic (not stylised) human characters with believable looks, and ready to hand to animation. 

All of the above is for real time - so being able to work within budgets and use sensible techniques for optimising assets is a must.

Features of the roles

  • Environment:
    • Be responsible for a broad range of art asset requirements, including modular interior environmental pieces, props, and exteriors.
    • Create realistic, believable assets that are well optimised, and textured well with our PBR workflow
    • Help guide our art pipeline and keep things looking great on both PC and console
  • Character
    • Create down to earth, realistic characters that hold up well in close ups, and feel believable
    • Work within constraints set by the existing character models, to retain topology and face rig setups
    • Work with Animation to improve models for cutscene performance and lip sync animation
  • Both
    • Competitive pay
    • Work from home or from our Glasgow City Centre studio, with the main development team
    • Flexible working hours/days per week


  • At least one shipped title on PC or Console, or significant experience in a different part of the industry such as Film
  • Experience with Unity a plus
  • Experience with 3DS Max (required)
  • Experience with Substance Painter / Designer / Shader Building (desired)
  • Experience with soft-object modelling (such as fabrics, clothes, bags) desired