As we’ve just launched Observation, it may take some time to get back to you with any specific questions or issues you might be having. In the meantime, please have a look at the FAQ below, and if your issue is not covered, complete the form and we’ll take a look! Thanks!

Q: I’m stuck at the first document screen and can’t seem to exit pressing X on the keyboard?

A: The symbol (a backwards arrow with X inside) represents “backspace”. We may change this in the future, but found it to be the standard icon used in these situations.

Q: The game crashed on launch [PC] - help?

As of v1.11 we’ve enabled some fall-backs if your PC has crashed on start up to help you get in to the game. Usually this is the result of the game running at too high spec for the hardware. On crashing during startup, the game settings will revert to the lowest settings to allow you to get into the menu and make changes. Once there, there is an indicator in the graphics settings that will tell you if you are going above your RAM limit and likely to crash during gameplay.

Q: 'I’m getting an infinite loading screen on start up (PC] - help?

We’ve found that this is often caused by audio applications or enhanced audio drivers conflicting with the engine. If you are suffering from this issue when running Observation:

  • close any other sound or music applications, inc pro audio such as Pro Tools, FL Studio (if you don’t know what these are, then it won’t be the problem!)

  • go to Control Panel -> Sound and make sure the correct playback device is chosen and set as the ‘default device’

  • Try disabling any non-essential playback devices and closing non-essential applications

  • If you have no luck, get in touch using the form below!

Q: I can’t seem to change language in the game (PC + PS4)

A: Currently the game should detect the language set on your operating system/console, and display that in game. On PC (v 1.06 and above) you can now override this in the options menu and choose any of the supported languages. On PS4, this functionality will be available late June once the patch is approved.

Q: Can I request a key for streaming / review?

A: All key requests are handled by our beautiful publisher Devolver Digital, and if you drop them a line, they may be able to help out. Please bear in mind that as the game has just released, it may take some time to get back to you as we’re overloaded with requests. Thanks!

Q: Is the game VR / PSVR? It would be amazing!

A: Nope, this is a flat game. We did actually spend a lot of time on building VR functionality in, but moving your head around as a human really doesn’t make you feel like an AI possessing a camera. It was much less amazing than you’d imagine, and actually made the game much much more troublesome and uncomfortable to play. :)

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